Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 12:36:19 GMT
Subject: Re: [mulinux] Per chi e' curioso ...

> Why "MU" linux?

This "mu" stands a greek letter (see Unicode Latin-1 char 0x0b5) 
frequently used for indicating the millions part of something.

For example "mu meter" (Ám) stands for micro meter and is the one 
millions part of a meter.

Probably the reason for the name "muLinux" is it's tiny size: just one 
floppy and a single (optional) X11-addon.    

Karl-Heinz Zimmer (

On 04.05.00, 18:10:44, Unit 4  wrote regarding Re: Why
italian ?:

> > What does muLinux mean ?
> > [m]ultiple [u]ser linux ?

> Mu is the Greek letter that traditionally stands for "micro",
> which officially means one millionth, but in general means
> "very small".  A 30 MB MSDOS directory containing the system
> and all available add-ons is very small. Booting and running
> from a single floppy if necessary is very smaller.